Md. Abaydur Rahman Pramanik

Faculty Member

Professor & Dean

Department of Business Studies
Contact: 01715-418940,

Academic Background

a)    HSC in Commerce, Nilphamari College, Rajshahi Board, 1967 First Division, First Place.

b)   B. Com. (Honours) in Commerce, Rajshahi University, 1970, First Class, First Place

c)    M.Com. in Accounting, Rajshahi University, 1971 (Exam held in December, 1972), First Class, First Place.

d)   M.Com. in Accounting by Research, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1984, Pass.


a)    Training on computer fundamentals, Computer Centre, Rajshahi University.

b)   Training on Accounting Software, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Rajshahi University.

Teaching experience

Full time:

a)    Professor and Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, North Bengal International University, Rajshahi, May 2, 2016 – present.

b)   Ex-Professor and Head, Department of Business Administration, European University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, May 2, 2015 – 30 April, 2016, One year.

c)    Ex-Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Rajshahi University, 14 January, 1999 – 29 June, 2014, 15 years 05 months (Final retirement on 29 June, 2015)

d)   Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Rajshahi University, 22 December, 1986 – 13 January, 1999, 12 years.

e)   Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Rajshahi University, 18 July, 1976 – 21 December, 1986, 10 years 05 months.

f)     Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Rajshahi University, 18 July, 1973 – 17 July, 1976, 03 years.

Part time:

Worked as part time teacher at the following institutions :

a)    Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh, Rajshahi Centre.

b)   Chishom Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, 1983-4

c)    Bangladesh Open University, Rajshahi University Centre.

d)   Department of Marketing, Rajshahi University.

Research experience

a)    Published ten research articles.

b)    M.Com from Australia was a research degree. The title of my thesis is “Intercompany Comparability of Financial Statements with Reference to Reporting of Performance”.

c)    Supervise research works of M.Com./MBA and M.Phil. students.

d)    Was a member of editorial board of Business faculty Journal, RU.

Areas of interest

I have interest in different aspects of Accounting, but the areas of special interest are financial accounting theory and financial reporting. Nowadays I have also interest in Bank Management.

Administrative experience with Rajshahi University

During my long period of service at Rajshahi University I served the University as :

a)    a House tutor/Provost in charge of a students’ hall of residence.

b)    the Chairman of the Department of Accounting

c)    the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce

d)    a member of the Senate

e)    the Administrator of Rajshahi University Central Library.

f)     the member of the Board of Governors, Institute of Business Administration.

g)    a member/convener of a number of enquiry committees.

Experience with other Universities

I have experience with others Universities as:

a)    member of the Faculty of Business/Commerce

b)   member of teacher selection board of a number of Universities nominated by the Chancellor

c)    member of the Academic Council of Pabna Science and Technology University.

d)   Course Coordinator, Business Graduate Program, Bangladesh. Open University (at Rajshahi University).

Experience in Bank Management

Served Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (RAKUB) as a Director of its Board of Directors for three years (December 2012 – December 2015). While I was a Director 1 worked as (a) Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee and (b) Member of the Board’s Risk Management Committee.

I also worked as convener (member) of a number of special purpose committees formed by the Board of Directors. I played significant role in preparing the committee reports e.g.

a)    Committee report to suggest changes and modifications of RAKUB Ordinance 1986 which would be transformed into Act.

b)   Committee to revise and prepare improved loan collection rules/ principles.

c)    As Chairman of Board’s Audit committee I played actively in finalising the draft Audit Manual.

d)   Committee report to review CAMELS rating for RAKUB.

e)   Committee report to identity the areas where cost can be reduced and the means of cost reduction.

f)     Committee report for the preparation of new Staff Service Rules (SSR).

g)    Committee report suggesting improvement of the Training Institute of RAKUB.

h)   Committee report to suggest whether high cost deposit schemes be stopped.

Other experience

a)    Was a member of the Association of the Universities of Bangladesh (AUB).

b)    Was an executive member of Rajshahi University Teachers’ Association.

c)     Was General Secretary of Rajshahi University Teachers’ Club.